Canning: Peach Pear Rum Preserves

While I was out of town for work last week, my Mom brought over some fruit and snacks for the kids. When I got home there were 5 gorgeous peaches left, and lots of nice ripe pears.  I knew I wouldn't be able to get around to eating all this before they got too ripe, … Continue reading Canning: Peach Pear Rum Preserves


New Nesco Dehydrator

*Not and ad or sponsored post.  This is my personal learning blog, not a sales blog.* During all of this research on canning foods and growing veggies, I started to become pretty curious about dried foods.  I've enjoyed dried apples, apricots, and especially mango.  Could I do it successfully on my own? I read reviews … Continue reading New Nesco Dehydrator