September 2017 Reflections

Growing:  This month was an optimal month to start planting as the Houston temperature starts to cool.  Winter is fairly non-existent here, so plants can survive and thrive outside until Spring.  I'm really excited to see how this goes! We managed to plant or start... 4 Strawberry plants 4 Rhubarb pots from seeds (7 sprouts) … Continue reading September 2017 Reflections


Canning: Pear Preserves

On the most recent grocery trip I resisted the call of the plums and tomatoes.  I was going out of town for several days and knew I wouldn't be able to process them all in time.  However... I was not able to resist the pears.  The pears were rock solid, though, so I figured I … Continue reading Canning: Pear Preserves