Daily Journal: Gathering Fall Fruits

After a few days of digging in dirt, it’s time to get back to the kitchen.  It’s time for my weekly grocery trip, but this time I’ll be adding some seasonal fruits to my list to practice my cooking and canning skills.

I had been doing a lot of research on which fruits and veggies were in season in Texas during the Fall, so I had a list of recipes I was interested in. Apples, pears, golden beets, and figs were the targets for this week. (I wanted to be moderate and do one recipe a week, but… I get enthusiastic.)

I got to the grocery store ready to scoop all these up, when I realize that the produce section had very different ideas about what is available for seasonal prices right now. Figs we’re out – way too expensive. But plums and peaches were in great quantities and really good prices. I guess summer lasts a little longer in Texas. Plum butter and peach jam popped into my head, so I tried to buy enough for potential recipes. Also, pears were at a super price and the family loves pears, so I got what seemed like a ton of them. Vanilla pear jam, pear bread, and some pears left over for snacking – perfect! The , of course, I picked up apples for some apple butter. Food in Jars is featuring fruit butters as the September challenge and I really want to participate. Now I have two fruits to work on.

Ready to get the kitchen messy!

Some of the fruit seems like it need to ripen a bit, so I’ll wait to tackle those. I have a two day symposium to attend this weekend, then on my first free day I’ll get some apple butter on the stove. I work at home and have plenty of time to let fruit butters simmer down while I work.

Eeeek!  I think something has been digging in my beet bed!  There were some visible holes that weren’t there this morning.  I filled them in with new soil and planted a few extra seeds in case some sneaky squirrel or bird snacked on a few.

Make-shift beet bed scarecrow

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