Daily Journal: Fruit Trees!

The local garden center was having a phenomenal sale on all plants this weekend: 70% off!  What a great time to pick up some new plants.  We have one orange tree in out backyard that has produced amazingly the last few years (it looks a little bare this year – I will have to research how to fix that), and my husband and I wanted more edible trees.

We have always wanted blueberry bushes, and we used to own a house with a fig tree, so those two were on our list.  I took my daughter to the center to help me pick out the trees.  Luckily, they had everything we wanted and more.  I was sooo tempted to pick up a papaya tree, but I don’t feel adventurous enough.

Avocado, Fig, Blueberry, Blueberry

I got 2 “Legacy” blueberry bushes, 1 fig tree, and…. 1 avocado tree.  I think O could handle that much.  Now I’m researching the best placement and how to plant them, and we should be able to get them in the ground this week.

Also… Look!  Do you see what I see???

Weeee bitty rhubarb sprout!


And beet sprouts!!

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