Garden: Creating a Compost Bin

All of my recent gardening research has led me to really want to start composting.  I have so much kitchen waste from all the coffee, eggs, and veggies this family eats, and we have hard, clay-like soil in our yard.  It would be nice to convert some of the waste and produce some nice compost to add when we plant new items or to help fertilize.

I looked on Amazon for pre-made options, but I wasn’t really sure which style would be best for us.  I Google’d DIY options and some just seemed more complicated than I wanted to spend time on.  But I stumbled upon a winner when I found this article!  How To Make Compost Bin (It’s Easy and Cheap!)  This was it!  Making a compost bin from a large plastic bin with a lid.  The only tool it requires is a drill and we have that.

I went to the local hardware store and got this 50-gallon bin.  I drilled holes in it to aerate.  I covered the bottom with leaves and grass clippings from my husband’s last mow of the lawn.

I covered that with soil left over from digging holes to plants the new fruit trees.

Then I mixed in a little of the veggies peels and such from the day.  I watered it a bit, and Done!

It’s so nice to have a place to put my kitchen waste that feels productive.


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