Canning: Peach Pear Rum Preserves

While I was out of town for work last week, my Mom brought over some fruit and snacks for the kids. When I got home there were 5 gorgeous peaches left, and lots of nice ripe pears.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to get around to eating all this before they got too ripe, so I searched the Google-machine for a good recipe using peaches and pears.

Source Recipe:  Peach & Pear Preserves with Rum & Cinnamon

Except for the cinnamon, this seemed the perfect recipe!  Peach and pear seems like a lovely flavor pairing, with brown sugar and rum?  Yum!

I peeled both the peaches and pears this time.  No pear skin for this batch.


This recipe didn’t call for much cooking, but it did require a fair amount of pectin which thickened the mixture up pretty quickly.  I added the rum at the end.


I noticed one jar fatality as I was taking the jars out of their bath.  Boo.  So I had to quickly clean another jar to finish.


This recipe made 4 pints of the peach pear mixture.


Lessons Learned:  Although the recipe calls this a preserve, it’s really more of a jam.   I should have mushed up the peaches and pear a bit more to give it more of a jam-like consistency.  You can see here where the fruit and “jelly” have separated in the jars.  It’s no problem when it comes to eating time, just stir it up before I scoop some out.  Alternatively, I could have used a slotted spoon to scoop more of the fruit into the jars and then ladle in the syrup to fill in the rest, but I would have been left with a vast amount of PeachPear jelly about maybe 2 pints of fruit.


Anyway, I used up the rest of the “jelly” for an afternoon family snack. I divided the jelly between several small bowls to let the cool and set.  I topped it with plain greek yogurt and ‘voila! Instant “fruit on the bottom” yogurt.  My mom and the kids loved it!  Then I realized,why do they yogurt companies never make Pear yogurt?  It’s delicious!  I’ve used this and the Vanilla Pear jam with plain yogurt and it is a fantastic flavoring.  Oh well, more for me!


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